Top search engines on the Internet

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Website owners often target Google for showing their content to users. When you look at the top search engines, you'll find that Google has more dominance over the search engine market.

There are many search engines out there on the Internet. And many other search engine offers privacy for its users.

Let me list you some popular search engines on the Internet.

The most popular and widely used domain on the Internet. It has more than 70% search market share. And almost most of the mobile search traffic is through Google.

Google's biggest competitor on the US search traffic. Also, Yahoo is powered by Bing. Bing is owned by Microsoft.

Baidu is China's largest search engine and it captures most of its search market share. Baidu is a censored search engine. And it censor any bad content and contents against govt.

Yahoo is powered by Bing. Even though the design isn't appealing enough for most visitors, it still manages to capture most internet traffic.

The most popular and widely used search engine on Russia. It also used in other countries as well.

Pretty good search engine for asking and answering questions.

Privacy-focused search engine on the Internet. It is famous for privacy protection. Duckduckgo promised us that it won't track us in any manner.

Famous for its proxy service and privacy-focused system. Search history isn't tracked by them.

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