Internet Archive to serve Always Online service of Cloudflare

title image of Internet Archive ...

Internet Archive is a service which collects and stores historical data of websites. For this Wayback saves webpages and show it to users later period.

Even though Archive has collected and saved billions of pages, it doesn't have saved billions of webpages that are not saved by people or its bot.

With Cloudflare partnership, it allows Wayback to save more webpages. Since Cloudflare powers millions of websites around the world. The archive will capture and save a webpage on its database for Cloudflare customers who make use of Always Online service.

Always online is a service intended to keep a website online even if the website origin is down. With this partnership, Cloudflare will load the saved webpage from Internet Archive if the origin of the website is down.

Read more about this feature on this blog post.

With this method, finally, many developers will be making use of the Internet Archive.

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